Earn your Accommodation!!

We like to keep our hostel neat & tidy, & would love to use an extra hand. If you are a hard worker and have an eye for detail, we might have a job for you!

You could earn a FREE WEEK’S STAY in our ‘Rock Room’ or ‘Heavy Metal Room’ by working for us for 2 hours everyday, for a week. You can help us in cleaning the dorms, washing, at the bar next door or with any promotional activity for our businesses. This is a flexible arrangement where your work hours can be adjusted. Also, you can work for only 7 hours in a week and get your room for half-price, still a good deal.

Your ‘backpacking fund’ might need some replenishing and what better way to do it than to work right where you are put up. In case we don’t have a vacancy, we will help you in preparing and printing your resume for other job opportunities.